About Bitcraze

The company

Bitcraze AB was created in 2011 by the designers of the Crazyflie quadcopter. The purpose of the company is to finance the development and manufacturing of a Crazyflie kit and to make it availableĀ as an open source development platform.


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to contact@bitcraze.io.

The project

The Crazyflie quadcopter was started late 2009 as a competence development project in the Swedish consulting company Epsilon AB in which all three of us where employed. This project was done on our free-time with component cost handled by Epsilon. In 2010 we finally decided to send to a video of the Crazyflie to Hackaday.com and that’s when things really took off. More development was done and we decided to make a Crazyflie kit that could be manufactured and sold as an open source development platform. To finance the development and manufacturing of the kit we created Bitcraze AB. At this point we felt that the project had outgrown the Daedalus Projects and decided to launch Bitcraze.se. The Daedalus projects website still exists to show off and advertise other Epsilon competence development project but the Crazyflie now lives in Bitcraze.


Crazyflie is a small quadcopter that stated with a simple idea: get an electronic board to fly. We are three electronic engineer from Sweden and we wanted to make a small flying machine that could fly indoor (Sweden is often cold outside ;-)) and with as few mechanical parts as possible. The result of this idea was a small quadcopter that uses its electronic board as main mechanical frame and with motors glued to the PCB:

The first Crazyflie

This fist prototype was as simple as possible while following our initial target to be small with the minimum of mechanical thought. After a couple of month of programming and debugging it actually flew and had some success when Hackaday featured it. This prototype was however a lot more frustrating to fly then it appears: each crash was potentially fatal for one or many motors. That made it quite stressful to fly as it would not allow mistake and we eventually broke all 3 prototypes (the red board is the 2.4GHz radio and was also a weak point).

With the success Crazyflie we decided to make a version that we would be able to sell as a kit. The new Crazyflie is cleaner, with all the electronic in one board, an extension port and a more decent motor mounting scheme:

New Crazyflie (Rev.B)

More information about Crazyflie main component can be found in our posts, since the above image we have new motor mounts.

Since 2013-01-31 Seeedstudio is distributing Crazyflie as well as spare parts. Check our page on Seeedstudio.

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