First time try out

Try out your AI-deck for the first time

Check whether the wifi module has been flashed

When you first receive your AI-deck, it should be flashed with a wifi streamer example of the camera image stream. Once the AI-deck is powered up by the Crazyflie, it will automatically create a hotspot called ‘Bitcraze AI-deck Example’.

If you do not find the hotspot ‘Bitcraze AI-deck Example’, it might be that the example has not been flashed on your AI-deck, depending on the source where you bought your copy from, then you might need to flash the wifi example on yourself (go here).

Update firmware and force the AI-deck driver

On your Crazyflie, make sure that it is updated to the latest firmware. Also make sure that you force the AI-deck driver in your as explained here, as it will reset the AI-deck properly upon startup.


See the image stream

In this repo in the folder named ‘NINA’ you will find a file called If you run this with python (preferably version 3), you will be able to see the camera image stream on your computer. This will confirm for you that your AI-deck is working.

Explore more

After trying out the WiFi demo and if you have a JTAG-ready programmer at your disposal, set up your development program with the getting-started guide, which also contains links to the GAP-SDK documentation from Greenwave technologies. You can also check AI-deck category on the Bitcraze blog.

You can find some discussions about the AI-deck in Bitcraze forum and Issues.