Buzzer Deck

Changing the sounds

Changing the sounds requires modifications to the firmware. The code for the sounds is located in sound_cf.c.

A sequences is defined in the .notes member of the Melody struct. The notes are defined as tuples of a note (pitch) and duration. A sequence must be ended with the end marker.

The effects are defined in the effects array. Each entry takes a function to call and related parameters. To add a new melody, use the melodyplayer function for the .call member and assign your Melody struct to the .melody member.


Name Type Access Value (default) Description
sound.effect uint8_t RW 0 Sound effect (0=Off, 1=Factory test, 2=USB connected, 3=USB disconnected, 4=Charging done, 5=Low battery, 6=Startup, 7=Calibrated, 8=Range slow, 9=Range fast, 10=Star Wars Imperial March, 11=Bypass (change sound with sound.freg), 12=Siren, 13=Tilt (tilt the Crazyflie to play the sound))
sound.freq uint16_t RW 4000  
sound.neffect uint32_t RO 13 Number of available sound effects
sound.ratio uint8_t RW 0