Installing from source

Developing for the cfclient

Note: If you are developing for the [cfclient][cfclient] you must use python3. On Ubuntu (16.04, 18.08) use pip3 instead of pip.

Linux, OSX, Windows

The following should be executed in the root of the crazyflie-lib-python file tree.


This section contains a very short description of how to use virtualenv (local python environment) with package dependencies. If you don’t want to use virualenv and don’t mind installing cflib dependencies system-wide you can skip this section.

  • Install virtualenv: pip install virtualenv
  • create an environment: virtualenv venv
  • Activate the environment: source venv/bin/activate

  • To deactivate the virtualenv when you are done using it deactivate

Note: For systems that support make, you can use make venv to create an environment, activate it and install dependencies.

Install cflib dependencies

Install dependencies required by the lib: pip install -r requirements.txt

To verify the installation, connect the crazyflie and run an example: python examples/basiclog

Install serial driver dependencies

To use the serial driver, pyserial must be installed: pip install pyserial