Used by the industry

Evaluation and reference platform

Use the Crazyflie as an evaluation and reference platform

The Crazyflie is used by sensor manufacturers as a demonstrator to show the potential of their sensors. Giving the customer a first hand view of the performance of a sensor in a real flying application is a powerful way to showcase its properties. The small size and light weight makes it safe to fly when meeting customers or in the lab.

Reference and evaluation decks

An expansion deck is a perfect reference and evaluation board for a sensor. The design of a deck is usually very simple and clearly demonstrates the electrical properties, and when plugged into the Crazyflie all the power and functionality of the host platform is available. The customer has the possibility to try settings and
configurations and to evaluate the results when actually flying a real drone. Since all software, firmware and tools are open source, there are no limits to what can be tested from bits and bytes on the lowest level to high level features such as autonomous flight.

Deck design

The flexibility and simplicity of the Crazyflie expansion bus makes it easy and cost efficient to design decks for new sensors with a short time to market. The Crazyflie platform is already a fully functional quadcopter and all that is needed from a firmware point of view is to add a driver.


As a sensor manufacturer you may design, manufacture and distribute reference and evaluation decks based on the Crazyflie platform any way you like. We at Bitcraze are happy to collaborate and work together with you on drivers or other software that adds value to the platform.

If you prefer, Bitcraze can help out with some or all steps in the chain from deck design to distribution to enable you to focus on other areas. Please contact us at for more information of our services and pricing.