Crazyflie Bolt

Crazyflie Bolt


Start off small and then grow
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The Crazyflie Bolt runs the same firmware base as the Crazyflie 2.1 and includes the same IMU. So you can start out developing using the much smaller Crazyflie 2.1 and then grow as your application grows.

Your imagination sets the limits

Expansion decks let you add what you want
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We put the same deck expansion connector on the Crazyflie Bolt as on the Crazyflie 2.X. So you have have access to all the same decks as well as lots of signals for your own custom hardware, such as: UART, I2C and SPI as well as PWM, analog in/out and GPIO.

The Crazyflie Bolt also supports the same firmware flashing over-the-air, as well as logging and parameters, which makes it really easy to develop on the platform.

Designed with development in mind

Made by developers for developers
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We think that a development platform should be something more than just making the code available, therefore our software, firmware and utilities have functionality such as logging, real-time parameter setting and wireless firmware updates. The complete development environment for most of the subsystems is available in a virtual machine, so you don’t need to install any tool chains to start developing. Also the virtual machine works just as well for flying.

Once you have made some modifications, simply flash the new firmware over the radio and you are ready to go. For those interested in more advanced development, there is a development adapter kit that supports an easy JTAG/SWD connection to both of the MCUs on the Crazyflie Bolt.

Open source

Share with others, never locked in
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The Crazyflie Bolt is an open source project, with source code and schematics available. Since all of our development tools are open source (except for iOS) we are allowed to redistribute them in an easy way for our users. Aside from the firmware and software projects, there are a number of community supported APIs written in Java, Ruby, C/C++, C# and Javascript.

Something for everyone

Develop, change and experiment - or just fly
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There are ample opportunities to play with the code regardless of which language you prefer. Our client API is written in Python, while there are many other client-side implementations on GitHub written in Ruby, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Node.JS, Cylon.JS or Java. Or, why not clone our iOS repository and get into some ObjectiveC/Swift.

If you are into embedded systems, the STM32F405 has a lot of processor power you can use for doing experiments, making improvements and adding new features. The expansion decks allow you to experiment, prototype and design your own hardware.

Take a look in the Development section to get started.

By the way, it’s fun to just fly it too!

Always evolving

Continuously updated and improved
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We continuously work on the firmware, software, documentation and new, creative ways of using the system. We also design new expansion decks that add new functionality, and possibilities and expands the Crazyflie ecosystem. The platform supports wireless firmware updates via radio and Bluetooth LE, so when a new firmware is released, it’s a breeze to update.


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