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If you just bought a Crazyflie 2.0 a good way to start is to head over to the Getting started with the Crazyflie 2.0 guide to see how to assemble the kit and take off for your first flight. If you want to add one of our many expansion decks to the Crazyflie 2.0 and need help getting started we have made a Getting started with expansion decks tutorial. Just follow the steps and you are ready to go.

Just bought our Loco positioning system? Go to our Loco Positioning system page for more information and how to setup the system.

We have collected all getting started guides in the Tutorials menu, this is the place to look for instructions.


When you are comfortable flying the Crazyflie you might feel that it is time for the next step, to make use of the flexibility of the platform. After all it is designed to be modified! Check out the Getting started with development tutorial to setup your development environment, build your first custom firmware and download it to the copter.

Maybe you want to add a sensor or some other hardware? Heat up your soldering iron and dive into it! Find more information about the expansion bus on the wiki. The wiki is the place to look for documentation related to products and projects.

All the source code is hosted on and this is also where you will find documentation related to each repository.


Looking for inspiration for a new project? Take a look at Hackster or read our blog posts. The video gallery contains some really cool stuff as well as our You Tube channel.


Open source is about sharing, creating something awesome together and contribute to the greater good! Whenever you do something that you think someone else could benefit from, please contribute it! If you were curious or confused about something, someone else probably will too. Help them by sharing your thoughts, insights and discoveries.

  • Answer a question on the forum
  • Add a hack to Hackster
  • Submit a pull request to on of the repos on github
  • Add an issue to one of the repos on github with a suggestion for an improvement or a bug report. Or maybe get involved in the discussion on an issue?
  • Add or update the wiki. Send us an email at to get a user account and get started.
  • Improve this web site. The source code is on github, submit a pull request for your improvements.
  • Comment a blog post

Need help?

Can’t find the solution to a problem? Don’t understand how or what to do? Have you read all documentation and are still confused?

Don’t worry, head over to the forum and check if someone else had the same problem. If not, ask a new question on the forum and get help from the Bitcraze team and the community.

Happy hacking!