External projects

External projects

There are a few external projects that are based on Bitcraze hardware and/or software. We usually do not provide support for these projects but we have collected a few links to help any one that is interested.


These projects may or may not be actively maintained. We do not take any responsibility for the functionality or compatibility in any way.

Crazyflie firmware

Alternate firmware implementations for the Crazyflie

AdaCore   Blog post, https://github.com/AdaCore/Certyflie
PX4   https://dev.px4.io/en/flight_controller/crazyflie2.html
Betaflight   https://github.com/betaflight/betaflight
ArduPilot   https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/crazyflie-goes-ardupilot/57401
Paparrazi UAV   https://wiki.paparazziuav.org/wiki/Crazyflie_2.0
MicroROS   https://github.com/micro-ROS/micro-ROS_crazyflie_demo

Crazyradio firmware

Alternate firmware implementations and uses for the Crazyradio

NRF research firmware from Bastille Research   https://github.com/BastilleResearch/nrf-research-firmware
MouseJack device discovery and research tools   https://github.com/BastilleResearch/nrf-research-firmware

Crazyflie simulators

Projects aimed to modeling, developing and integrating the Crazyflie 2.X nano-quadcopter in simulated environments.

CrazyS The University of Sannio in Benevento, Italy, has implemented a software-in-the-loop simulation platform for simulating Crazyflie behavior in the Gazebo 3D simulation environment. https://github.com/gsilano/CrazyS
gym-pybullet-drones A Gym environment based on PyBullet to simulate the dynamics and learn the control of Crazyflie 2.x nano-quadcopters. https://github.com/JacopoPan/gym-pybullet-drones
Sim_cf Crazyflie HITL and SITL simulation with Gazebo and Ros https://github.com/wuwushrek/sim_cf
Rviz Simulator Crazyflie 2.0 Simulation in Rviz https://github.com/malintha/multi_uav_simulator/tree/crazyflie


Projects aiming at supporting swarms. They might also be useful for controlling single Crazyflies.

Crazyswarm ROS The ACT lab at USC has implemented a library to handle large swarms of Crazyflies. https://crazyswarm.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
ROS A Crazyflie control packages (deprecated, use Crazyswarm instead) https://github.com/whoenig/crazyflie_ros
Crazyserver A server exposing a REST API to control a swarm of Crazyflies. Written in Go. https://github.com/mikehamer/crazyserver
LaMoucheFolle Cross-platform OSC server for controlling multiple Crazyflies 2.X https://github.com/benkuper/LaMoucheFolle

Connectivity libraries

Libraries for connecting to the Crazyflie written in various languages. They are usually implementing functionality similar to the Bitcraze python library.

Java   https://github.com/fredg02/se.bitcraze.crazyflie.lib
JavaScript JavaScript node.js https://github.com/michaelgira23/swarms
JavaScript JavaScript node.js https://github.com/ceejbot/aerogel
JavaScript JavaScript node.js https://github.com/brianneisler/crazyflie
JavaScript JavaScript cylon.js https://github.com/hybridgroup/cylon-crazyflie
JavaScript JavaScript cylon.js https://cylonjs.com/documentation/platforms/crazyflie/
C#   https://github.com/ckarcz/CrazyflieDotNet
Ruby Ruby   https://github.com/hsanjuan/crubyflie
Ruby Ruby   https://github.com/hybridgroup/artoo-crazyflie
Ruby Ruby   http://www.rubydoc.info/gems/hybridgroup-crubyflie
C++   https://github.com/fairlight1337/libcflie
Haskel Haskel   https://github.com/orclev/crazyflie-haskell
Scala   https://github.com/triplepoint/ScalaCrazyflie

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