We’re hiring!

If you are interested in joining the Bitcraze awesomeness, this is the page for you.

Important to note is that we are not like most other companies. We don’t have any titles or fixed roles, in fact we are completely self organized and we do not have any managers. In our universe the success of the team is more important than personal gain, we do not blame - we help. We are continuously building the company we want to work in, and base it on the idea that no one in the company can tell anyone else what to do. This might sound a bit unusual but the truth is that we have a way of working (some might call it a process) that is pretty elaborate and detailed and that solves our daily problems, but never hinders us. After all, the reality is more important than the plan.

What are we looking for?

Since we do not have any roles in the traditional sense, we have chosen to not specify any requirements for job offerings here, instead we try to describe all the tasks we work with on a daily basis. If you find the things we do interesting and feel that you could add value to the company and the community, Bitcraze might be for you. Remember that there are only five of us at the moment, on any given week we work on a multitude of different areas, and so would you.

We are looking for people that share our interest for techy stuff but that also adds new areas they are passionate about. Our core competences right now are mainly in software and hardware development, while areas such as marketing, community, production, logistics and finance could be strengthened.

We have tried to compile a list of areas we work with on a daily basis to give you a feel for what’s going on in the company. You can find it further down on this page.


We are located in Malmö, Sweden. Even though there are a lot of really good on-line collaboration tools, we prefer human contact and we are not interested in remote work solutions. You will have to be prepared to move to Malmö.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to handle applications from outside the EU due to visa and work permit administration.


We use English in our everyday work.


If you think you would fit in at Bitcraze and would add value to the company and our projects, please drop us an email at and tell us who you are.

Areas we work with

Technical support

Answer questions and help members of the community through emails, the forum, GitHub issues, the store and other communication channels. Questions range from basic tech support such as how to install the client, to detailed and complex issues.

Product development

Create future products, hardware and software as well as improve current products. We make a lot of prototypes to try new ideas out, most of them never reach the outside world though. We also add to and improve the codebase of the all the software we have, firmware, python libs and clients.

The shop, stock management and logistics

We have our own E-store and use a 3PL service for warehousing and fulfillment of orders. There’s always things to do here and it ranges from pre-sales support and quotes to missing packages and delays or finding a better payment gateway etc. Most of our sales have been B2C but we’re moving more and more towards B2B.

Production and supply chain

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years is that production never just rolls on and works. We manufacture a lot of products and we have more coming. Making sure things are ready in time for the right price and shipped to the right place takes a lot of work.

Internal and external systems

Maintaining and developing systems such as the web, forum, build servers, supply chain tracking tools and similar.

Business development, strategy and the future

Sometimes we solve detailed problems in the code but at other times we have to bring out the wider brush and think about the bigger picture. Who are we, really? How do we fit into the rest of the world? Why do we do what we do? How do want to make money in the future?

Admin and finance

Handling receipts, salaries, rent, book keeping, audits and so on for our company. Keeping track of sales, costs and money i general to make sure we are on top of the situation.

Community and marketing

Talk to the community, make videos to show what we do, write a blog post, redesign the web, make us look sharp. Go to a faire or exhibition and show our products and meet people.

External projects and collaboration

We have a few collaborations with external partners where we design custom solutions, hardware and software.