Crazyradio PA

Crazyradio PA

The longer the merrier

Range of up to 1km

Crazyradio PA is a long range open USB radio dongle based on the nRF24LU1+ from Nordic Semiconductor. It features a 20dBm power amplifier, LNA and comes pre-programmed with Crazyflie compatible firmware. The power amplifier boosts the range, giving a range of up to 1km (under ideal conditions) together with the Crazyflie 2.X and up to 2km Crazyradio PA to Crazyradio PA (under ideal conditions).

Open project

The Crazyradio PA is not only for the Crazyflie 2.X.

Since it’s an open project with firmware written from scratch and a Python API to control it, it’s a great building block for systems that require longer range than WiFi and doesn’t have the same requirements for bandwidth. The hardware comes shipped with the latest firmware as well as a bootloader that enables firmware upgrades via USB without any additional hardware needed. The Crazyflie PA is compatible with the first generation of the Crazyflie, but will not give the same range increase as with the Crazyflie 2.X.



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