Flow deck v2

Flow deck

Optical navigation

Enable positioning in the air with optical motion detection.

How it works

The Flow deck V2  gives the Crazyflie 2.X the ability to understand when it’s moving in any direction. The VL53L1x ToF sensor measures the distance to the ground with high precision and the PMW3901 optical flow sensor measures movements in relation to the ground. This creates a flying 3D robot that can be pre-programmed to fly distances in any direction or act as an aid for beginners where it creates a very stable flying platform.



  • Fast, accurate distance ranging
  • Measures absolute range up to 4m
  • Eye safe
  • Measures horizontal movement
  • Creates a 3D robot that can be pre-programmed
  • Aided flight

Mechanical specifications

  • Weight: 1.6g
  • Size (WxHxD): 21x28x4mm
  • Designed for mounting under the Crazyflie 2.X

Electrical specification

  • VL53L1x ToF sensor to measure distance up to 4 meters within a few millimeters (depending on surface and light conditions)
  • 1-wire memory for automatic expansion deck detection
  • PMW3901 optical flow sensor (works best on matt surfaces)


See the compatibility matrix


Firmware intergration

The flowdeck provides optical flow and height measurements which are fused in the Extended Kalman Filter of the Crazyflie Firmware.

Hardware Hacks

We did a light painting with the flowdeck together the LED-ring deck . Check the project on hackster.io



Getting started with the Flow deck

If you have any further questions please contact support@bitcraze.io