Are you about to do your bachelor or master thesis work? Interested in collaborating with us at Bitcraze? On this page we list a few possible subjects that you might find interesting or that may give you new ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss what you want to do.

Support for swarming

When flying bigger swarms of Crazyflies, the infrastructure starts to become a problems. How do you find a specific copter out of 100? Which batteries need to be recharged? How do you recharge 100 batteries? What is the health of the hardware?

Mechanics, electronics, software

Safe research quad

One of the key features of the Crazyflie is that it is safe to fly in a lab since it is light weight and small. The drawback is that the lifting capacity is only 27g which is on the low side in some applications. Look at how the lifting capacity can be increased while keeping it safe. The solution could be hardware, software, mechanics or a combination.

Electronics, software, mechanics

Communication with big swarm

Find ways to communicate with 100+ Crazyflies. Look at radio communication, protocols, handling of packet/data loss, secure communication to prevent hostile takeover of a swarm and related issues.

Radio, software

Failsafe/recovery handling

Identify and handle error states in autonomous flight. If something goes wrong, for instance loss of position from the positioning system or a sensor that returns weird values, the copter should identify this and try to handle the situation in a controlled way. It could maybe try to return to base using remaining sensors or do a controlled landing. This could also be extended to managing situation when hardware (a motor) is failing.

Signal processing, control theory, software

Improvements to lighthouse positioning system

Investigate and come up with solutions to edge cases that will improve robustness of the system such as handling reflections or interference. Investigate and improve calibration or find ways to implement the technology an a simpler hardware system.

Signal processing, algorithms, software, hardware

Improvements to Loco positioning system

Our UWB based positioning system has a many potential improvement or innovation areas. Develop a automatic node location system to automate the setup process or that continuously improves it. Come up with a new fancy ranging protocol or just dig in to the ranging errors and see what opens up there.

Signal processing, algorithms, software