Loco Positioning deck

Loco Positioning deck

Absolute position

Let your Crazyflie 2.X know where it is using the Loco Positioning expansion deck

How it works

The Loco Positioning deck  is a Tag in a Loco Positioning system and measures the distances to Anchors. The distances are used to estimate the absolute position of the Crazyflie 2.X in the room, which can be used for autonomous flight. The position is calculated on-board of the Crazyflie and there is no need for an external computer for position estimation.

Read more about the Loco Positioning system

This product is intended to be used together with Loco Positioning Nodes and can not be used standalone.



  • Measures distances to Loco Positioning Node Anchors
  • 4 status LEDs

Mechanical specifications

  • Weight: 3.3 g
  • Size (WxHxD): 28x35x4 mm
  • Designed for mounting above or under the Crazyflie 2.X

Electrical specification

  • Based on the Decawave DWM1000 module
  • Implements IEEE 802.15.4 UWB
  • 1-wire memory for automatic expansion deck detection
  • Max 150 mA consumed, depends on operation mode and configuration
  • Crazyflie 2.X flight time with deck 6 minutes

Radio specification

  • Operates at 3.2 - 7 GHz
  • Channel bandwidth 500 MHz

Ranging specification

  • Ranging accuracy ±10 cm according to DWM1000 spec
  • Maximum tested range 10 m
  • Ranging rate 500 Hz, shared over all anchors. Around 80Hz per anchor with 6 anchors


See the compatibility matrix


Go to the Loco positioning system tutorial to set the loco positioning up. Afterwards, you can try out the loco positioning based flight tutorial. Also for more general information over how the loco positioning system fits in our eco system, go to Positioning Systems Overview.


Implementation Firmware

All the Loco positioning is estimated onboard of the crazyflie. Go the the technical documentation of the loco positioning system of how it is implemented into the Crazyflie Firmware and the Loco positioning node firmware

It is important to have a good feel for the stabilizer module of the crazyflie, in particular state estimation with the Extended Kalman Filter


If you have any further questions please contact support@bitcraze.io