Crazyflie Python client

Latest stable releases for Win/Mac OSX/Linux can be found here.

Crazyflie mobile clients

Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter (1.0) and Crazyflie 2.X firmware

Latest stable release can be found here.

Update using the python client and a Crazyradio, or from a mobile device. To update over USB (only STM32 in Crazyflie 2.X) use the DFU or BIN from the latest STM32 release.

Crazyradio and Crazyradio PA firmware

Latest stable releases can be found here (Note: Make sure to select the PA version for the Crazyradio PA)

Bitcraze Virtual Machine

See the VM download section on the wiki for the latest version. You will also find older versions there if you need them.