Privacy Policy

The websites are using Google Analytics and Hotjar. These softwares record some data when you visit our website that allows us to get some statistics about the site usage.

When you order from us, to fullfil your order we may communicate information about you to the following third party logistics partner:

Your payment may be processed by Mondido Payments. We do not record and never have access to your payment method details like credit card number.

We are using Mainchimp to handle our mainling-lists and gmail to handle all mail going to and from the domain.

What is recorded

Our analytics softwares are collecting:

  • What website you came from to get here
  • How long you stay for
  • What kind of computer you’re using
  • An anonymized record of your IP address
  • Anonymized browsing behaviour

In order to fullfill your order and for legal reason we keep record of the details of your order:

  • Shipping and invoicing address
  • Order content
  • Payment transaction information

Information communicated to third party logistic partner

The following information may be communicated to third party logistic partner to fullfil your order

  • The shipping address, phone number and name
  • The content of the order
  • The cost of the order

What do we do with the data?

The data allows us to better understand how you found us and how you are using the website. This guides us in the website development to make it better and more useful.

Contact and data access

If you have any questions or would like us to remove the data we have collected from you feel free to contact us at We cannot remove data that we are required by law to keep.