Documentation navigation overview

This page shows different ways on how to navigate the documentation, based on either the hardware or the programming languages used.


graph LR clickable[Clickable]:::bc --> notclickable(Not Clickable):::bc click clickable "/documentation/system/doc_nav/" classDef bc fill:#95C941,stroke:#666666,stroke-width:2px,color:#222222;

Hardware-based Docs Navigation

This graph shows the structure of the documentation from a hardware perspective, starting from the eco system to the individual hardware components. This is mostly useful if you are beginner with crazyflie development.

Don’t forget to also check out the tutorials!

graph LR ecosystem[Ecosystem Overview]:::bc --> platform[Crazyflie Platform]:::bc ecosystem --> clients[Crazyradio and clients]:::bc ecosystem --> positioning[Positioning Technologies]:::bc platform --> tree(Family Tree):::bc platform --> decks(Expansion Decks):::bc platform --> components(Hardware components):::bc clients --> pcclients(Python clients & lib):::bc clients --> crpa(Crazyradio PA):::bc clients --> cr20(Crazyradio 2.0 Firmware):::bc clients --> mobile(Mobile clients):::bc positioning --> lighthouse[Lighthouse]:::bc positioning --> loco[Loco positioning]:::bc positioning --> mocap[Motion Capture]:::bc click ecosystem href "/documentation/system/" click platform href "/documentation/system/platform/" click clients href "/documentation/system/client-and-library/" click positioning href "/documentation/system/positioning/" click lighthouse href "/documentation/system/positioning/ligthouse-positioning-system/" click loco href "/documentation/system/positioning/loco-positioning-system/" click mocap href "/documentation/system/positioning/mocap-positioning/" classDef bc fill:#95C941,stroke:#666666,stroke-width:2px,color:#222222;

Software-Based Docs Navigation

This graph shows the documentation structure from a repostioriy/language based perspective. It sorts the github repositories we have based on the type of code. This is useful if you are advanced crazyflie user and developer.

graph LR repos[Repositories]:::bc --> python(Python Software):::bc repos --> c(C-based Firmware):::bc repos --> other(Other code):::bc repos --> bootloaders(Bootloaders):::bc python --> cfclient(Crazyflie Client):::bc python --> cflib(Crazyflie Python Library):::bc python --> lpstools(LPS Tools):::bc c --> crazyfliestm(Crazyflie STM Firmware):::bc c --> crazyflienrf(Crazyflie NRF Firmware):::bc c --> crpa(Crazyradio PA Firmware):::bc c --> cr20(Crazyradio 2.0 Firmware):::bc c --> lpsnode(LPS node firmware):::bc other --> android(Android App):::bc other --> ios(IOS App):::bc other --> LHfpga(Lighthouse FPGA):::bc click repos "" classDef bc fill:#95C941,stroke:#666666,stroke-width:2px,color:#222222;