Balancing propellers

Balancing propellers

Well balanced propellers reduce the vibrations in the copter and the noise in the sensors, improving the stability of the Crazyflie. In most cases there is no need to balance the propellers, but if you want to do it this is how it’s done.


You need:

  • A small round pin or needle
  • Tape. Normal transparent office tape works well
  • A pair of scissors

checking the propeller

Start by checking if the propeller is well balanced. Do this by placing a propeller on a needle. Hold the propeller in a horizontal position and then release it. If it tilts over, it is unbalanced. Balance the propeller by attaching a small piece of tape on the side that is pointing upwards.

balancing the propeller

If the propeller is unbalanced, attach tape to the convex side of the propeller as shown in the video. The amount of tape that should be used varies and you might need some tries to find the correct amount.

add more tape if needed

After you have placed the first bit of tape try shaking the propellers a bit. If the propeller isn’t tilting over anymore it’s balanced.