Getting started with the Crazyradio 2.0

Unpacking the Crazyradio 2.0

The first thing to do is to assemble the hardware.

package contents

mount the antenna

Screw the antenna on to the connector on the USB dongle.

Enter bootloader mode

To flash new firmware to the Crazyradio 2.0 , it must first be set to the bootloader mode.

hold button

Press and hold the button.

insert into USB port

Insert the USB dongle into a USB port while holding the button.

red led

Verify that the LED is pulsating with a red light, this indicates that the Crazyradio 2.0  is in bootloader mode.

Flash new firmware

When in bootloader mode, the Crazyradio 2.0  will appear as a USB drive in your operating system. Firmware is installed by copying a .uf2 firmware file to the drive.

find the drive

Open a file browser and find the drive named Crazyradio2.

download firmware

Go to the release page on github. Download the file named crazyradio2-CRPA-emulation-[version].uf2 by clicking it.

install the firmware

In your file browser, drag and drop the downloaded file to the Crazyradio2 drive.

check the installation

The installation takes less than a second and when done, the Crazyradio 2.0  will restart running the new firmware. Since it is no longer in bootloader mode, the USB drive will no longer be available.

When the Crayradio PA emulation firmware starts up, the LED will light up briefly in white. If you missed it when flashing, unplug and re-plug the Crazyradio 2.0  to restart it.


The Crazyradio 2.0  is now ready to use and it will behave like a Crazyradio PA, which means it will be compatible with all the products in the Crazyflie ecosystem.

Install drivers

Depending on which operating system you use, you will have to install drivers or do some configuration to communicate with the Crazyradio 2.0.

install and configure

On linux, the Crazyradio is easily recognized, but you have to setup UDEVpermissions. Look at the usb permission instructions to setup udev on linux.