This product is discontinued and has been replaced with Crazyradio 2.0

The Crazyradio 2.4GHz radio USB dongle is based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF24LU1+ SoC. In the Crazyflie platform it’s used for communication between the host and the Crazyflie, but this dongle can be used separately for other projects. It has two status LEDs and an expansion header for programming and expanding.


  • 2.4GHz radio communication
  • 0dBm output power (1mW)
  • 125 radio channels
  • 2Mbps, 1Mbps and 250Kps communication data-rate
  • Sends and receives data packets of up to 32 bytes
  • Automatically handles addresses and packet ACK
  • Hardware support for PPM input (no software support yet)
  • Can be powered with up to 16V via header
  • Tested up to ~80m range at 250Kbps

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