AIdeck Workshop 1 - 2021

crazyflie aideck

On Friday the 16th of April in the afternoon, we hosted an AI deck 1.1 given by the PULP lab featuring Greenwaves Technologies.


Date and Time: 16th April 2021, 14:00 (2 pm) - 16:00 (4 pm) (Central European Summer Time)

Place: The Bitcraze Discord server in tutorials and workshops


  • Lorenzo Lamberti (University of Bologna)
  • Hanna Müller (ETH Zürich)
  • Vlad Niculescu (ETH Zürich)
  • Dr. Manuele Rusci (University of Bologna / Greenwaves Technology)
  • Dr. Daniele Palossi (IDSIA Lugano / ETH Zürich)



Recordings and Slides




Full recording of the workshop

Video links per topic


After entering bitcraze discord server, the workshop will be given in tutorial and workshops category.:

  • tutorial_video: The live video of the presenters and the slides will be shown here. The sound and video will be disabled for participants.
  • tutorial_chat: Here you can ask questions and talk to the presenters.

Virtual Machine:

For this workshop we have made a Bitcraze VM with AIdeck development environment (10Gb). This VM has already preconfigured docker images for flashing both the GAP8 and the NINA chip. All you need to do is to cd to your examples (like ‘cd projects/aideck-gap8-examples/GAP8/test_functionalities/test_camera’) and type the following command:

  • If you want to try out the code on RAM only: ‘gap_run’
  • If you want to flash the gap8: ‘gap_flash’

To reflash the NINA, go to ‘aideck-gap8-examples/NINA/firmware’ and type:

  • To configure and flash the Nina: ‘nina_flash’

These commands are configured ~/.bashrc. Also check if the configured programmer file in the same script matches yours!

If you rather want to install the gap_sdk natively (only Ubuntu), please follow the gap_sdk instructions by Greenwaves Technologies. Make sure to also have gap_tools installed and to do this ahead of time of the workshop as it takes about an hour to set-it-up.

Note: Since the VM is an AMD64 install of Linux, it does not work on Apple-silicon Mac (M1/2/… processors). On an apple silicon mac you need to install the tools natively.