Switch/replace AI-deck camera


There are currently two versions of the Himax ULP camera used on the AI-deck. A monochrome and a bayer-RGB. If you would like to switch the camera type or change it because it is broken these instructions will guide you though it.


Unscrew the two philips screws.

Unscrew the two philips screws


Remove the FPC cable by pulling the connector up with e.g. your nails or a plastic (non sharp) object.

Remove the FPC cable


This will remove the camera mount and the camera module.

Camera module removed


Gently pull up the camera which is squeezed into the pocket with some foam and remove it.

Pull up camera


Take out the camera module from the camera mount.

Take out camera


Fit the new camera by doing the opposite to 4, squeeze it gently into the pocket.

Fit new camera module


Thread the camera module connector through the camera mount hole. You can bend the flat cable but don’t force it into an 90 degree angle.

Thread camera module


Attach connector by aligning it correctly and then squeezing the camera mount and PCB together.

Attach connector


Screw back the screws. Don’t tighten them too hard. DONE!