Crazyflie headless client

The cfheadless client doesn't have a UI, it's run directly from the command line and is suited for headless hosts like the Raspberry Pi.


The script is located in the bin directory in the crazyflie-clients-python repository and client. Here's how to use the script:

$ bin/cfheadless -h

usage: cfheadless [-h] [-u URI] [-i INPUT] [-d] [-c CONTROLLER]
              [--controllers] [-x]

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-u URI, --uri URI     URI to use for connection to the Crazyradio dongle,
                    defaults to radio://0/10/250K
-i INPUT, --input INPUT
                    Input mapping to use for the controller,defaults to
-d, --debug           Enable debug output
                    Use controller with specified id, id defaults to 0
--controllers         Only display available controllers and exit

The client is exited either by taking out the Crazyradio USB dongle or pressing Ctrl+C


Connect to a Crazyflie at channel 100 and speed 250Kbit using input mapping PS3_Mode_1

crazyflie-clients-python$ bin/cfheadless -u radio://0/100/250K -PS3_Mode_1