API reference for CFLib

The Crazyflie Micro Quadcopter library API used to communicate with the Crazyflie Micro Quadcopter via a communication link.

The API takes care of scanning, opening and closing the communication link as well as sending/receiving data from the Crazyflie.

A link is described using an URI of the following format: ://. See each link for the data that can be included in the URI for that interface.

The two main uses-cases are scanning for Crazyflies available on a communication link and opening a communication link to a Crazyflie.

Example of scanning for available Crazyflies on all communication links:

available = cflib.crtp.scan_interfaces()
for i in available:
    print "Found Crazyflie on URI [%s] with comment [%s]"
            % (available[0], available[1])

Example of connecting to a Crazyflie with known URI (radio dongle 0 and radio channel 125):

cf = Crazyflie()