This project requires Python 3.7 - 3.11.

Python 3.12 is not supported as it has issues with missing packages (see this ticket)

See below sections for more platform-specific requirements.

Install from Source

Clone the repository

 git clone

Install cflib from source

 cd crazyflie-lib-python
 pip install -e .

Uninstall cflib

pip uninstall cflib

Note: If you are developing for the cflib you must use python3. On Ubuntu (20.04+) use pip3 instead of pip.

Linux, OSX, Windows

The following should be executed in the root of the crazyflie-lib-python file tree.


This section contains a very short description of how to use virtualenv (local python environment) with package dependencies. If you don’t want to use virualenv and don’t mind installing cflib dependencies system-wide you can skip this section.

  • Install virtualenv: pip install virtualenv
  • create an environment: virtualenv venv
  • Activate the environment: source venv/bin/activate

  • To deactivate the virtualenv when you are done using it deactivate

Pre commit hooks (Ubuntu)

If you want some extra help with keeping to the mandated python coding style you can install hooks that verify your style at commit time. This is done by running:

$ pip3 install pre-commit

go to crazyflie-lib-python root folder and run

$ pre-commit install
$ pre-commit run --all-files

This will run the lint checkers defined in .pre-commit-config-yaml on your proposed changes and alert you if you need to change anything.


With docker and the toolbelt

For information and installation of the toolbelt.

  • Check to see if you pass tests: tb test
  • Check to see if you pass style guidelines: tb verify

Note: Docker and the toolbelt is an optional way of running tests and reduces the work needed to maintain your python environment.

Platform notes


With linux, the crazyradio is easily recognized, but you have to setup UDEVpermissions. Look at the usb permission instructions to setup udev on linux.


Look at the Zadig crazyradio instructions to install crazyradio on Windows