CRTP Driver main class.




CTRP Driver main class

This class in inherited by all the CRTP link drivers.

Driver constructor. Throw an exception if the driver is unable to open the URI



def close(self)

Close the link

def connect(self, uri, link_quality_callback, link_error_callback)

Connect the driver to a specified URI


Name Description
uri Uri of the link to open
link_quality_callback Callback to report link quality in percent
link_error_callback Callback to report errors (will result in disconnection)

def enum(self)

Enumerate, and return a list, of the available link URI on this system

def get_help(self)

return the help message on how to form the URI for this driver None means no help

def get_name(self)

Return a human readable name of the interface.

def get_status(self)

Return a status string from the interface.

def receive_packet(self, wait=0)

Receive a CRTP packet.


Name Description
wait The time to wait for a packet in second. -1 means forever@return One CRTP packet or None if no packet has been received.

def scan_interface(self, address=None)

Scan interface for available Crazyflie quadcopters and return a list with them.

def send_packet(self, pk)

Send a CRTP packet