Crazyradio CRTP link driver.

This driver is used to communicate with the Crazyflie using the Crazyradio USB dongle.




Crazyradio link driver

Create the link driver

Ancestors (in MRO)

Static methods

def parse_uri(uri: str)


def close(self)

Close the link.

def connect(self, uri, link_quality_callback, link_error_callback)

Connect the link driver to a specified URI of the format: radio:////[250K,1M,2M]

The callback for linkQuality can be called at any moment from the driver to report back the link quality in percentage. The callback from linkError will be called when a error occurs with an error message.

def pause(self)

def receive_packet(self, wait=0)

Receive a packet though the link. This call is blocking but will timeout and return None if a timeout is supplied.

def restart(self)

def scan_interface(self, address)

Scan interface for Crazyflies

def scan_selected(self, links)

def send_packet(self, pk) > bool

Send the packet pk though the link