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We create open platforms that enable people to explore the world of flying robotics

Developers and resechers around the world are using our platforms for all kinds of research areas. Here we have collected a few guest blog posts to show some examples.

Carnegie Mellon
“We use the Crazyflie platform to evaluate our algorithms because the hardware is robust and the user community has helped make firmware available on which we can base our own systems”

-Ellen Cappo, researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

“The Crazyflie is easily obtainable, safe, and (we can certify ourselves) very robust. Moreover, since it is open-source and fully programmable, we were able to easily modify the Crazyflie to fit our needs.”

-Brandon Araki, researcher at MIT

UPenn University
“The ModQuad is propelled by a quadrotor platform. We use the Crazyflie 2.0. The vehicle was chosen because of its agility and scalability. The low-cost and total payload gives us an acceptable scenario for a large number of modules.”

-David Saldaña, researcher at UPenn University

University of Southern California
“The Crazyflie is a great platform for research because of its openness and extensibility; additionally, the size allows us to test algorithms on a swarm of robots even in space-limited indoor environments.”

-Wolfgang Hoenig, researcher at University of Southern California

The perfect development tool for your flying application

Prototype your flying application in the comfort of your lab. Modify or extend the firmware of the quadcopter to access or control your hardware - it is all open source.

Used in development

The ideal for many areas of research

The platform is designed to be as flexible and versatile as possible to enable the user to explore the area of interest. for instance control algorithms, swarms, path finding, agriculture or failure recovery.

Used in research

Bring the latest in robotics to your students

The crazyflie is a versatile platform that is made to engage people to learn about robotics and quadcopters. Help the students learn control algorithms, embedded systems, aeronautics or robotics by verifying their insights on a real quadcopter.

Used in education

Do it yourself

Love to fly? Like to tinker? Want to modify and explore? Hate limitations and closed systems? The Crazyflie is for you!


Used by

Chalmers University of Technology
University of Bologna
ETH Zurich
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Polytechnique Montreal
McGill University
Bosch Sensortec

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