New Decks comming soon

Lately we have been busy finalizing new Decks. We have a pretty long list of what we want to release and the first four to come are the bigquad deck, the Buzzer deck, Wifi (ESP8266) deck and a GPS (GlobalTop) deck. Before going further a disclaimer: we have ordered final prototype of these decks so the […]

Crazyflie and Lua

Last week I was at Lua Workshop 2015 in Stockholm, it was a very interesting conference with lots of interesting people. I also had the opportunity to see the office of King, the host for the workshop, and it gives a lot of idea for fun stuff and toys we could have in our office On […]

Local positioning system measurements

Last Thursday we went to LTH (University of Lund), to the Robotics department, to make some measurements on the ultra wide band (UWB) positioning system we are working on. The idea was to use one of their robots to move a Crazyflie around along well known path, and at the same time record as much sensor data […]

Getting ready for Maker Faire New York

Last week and this week is busy with preparations for the New York and Berlin maker faires. Since we will be in the Seeedstudio booth we don’t have the same space as at the Bay Area Maker Faire, so we had to rebuild our “fly-cage”. The new specs are 1.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 meters. This […]

CI server and builder image

We have decided to use Travis for continuous integration builds of our open source repositories. Travis is automatically building the code on all branches and pull requests, which gives all developers that wants to contribute to the project, the possibility to see that their code passes the build. The current status of the latest build on the […]

Moving to Python 3

During the last week we’ve taken a big step, moving to Python 3! The reason for the move is that Python 3 is becoming broadly adopted and it has more features that we want to make use of. Also 3 > 2. This post will explain a bit of what we did, some of the problems […]

Faires and Kinect problems

This weekend we went to the maker weekend at Hx in Helsingborg and showed off the Crazyflie 2.0 flying with the Kinect. It’s an awesome demo for fairs since it flies by itself and looks pretty good. Below is a few photos from the event. [Show as slideshow] But this time we ran into some issues with […]

cfclient 2015.08 released

A new version of the Crazyflie PC Python client has been released, version 2015.08. It’s been a while since the last release of the client so there’s a long list of changes, including lots of fixed bugs. The main new features are: Student/Teacher mode:  It’s possible to use two input devices, where one can take over […]

Firmware and dwm1000 nodes

DWM1000 nodes Last hacking-Friday we have had some time to put together the DWM1000 boards we ordered during the summer. The DWM1000 from Decawave is an ultra-wide-band ieee802.15.4 radio transceiver that can very precisely timestamp packets arrival and departure. More simply it means that it is a standard and it can be used to implement a […]

Back from vacation

Starting this week we’re all back at our desks and after getting some time off, recharging our batteries, we’re slowly getting up to speed again. The summer has been spent on everything from improving our server environment to cleaning up both the firmware and the client. We’ve also been working on some new things, like the iOS bootloader and prototyping […]

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