Log Blocks Tab

The log blocks tab shows all log configurations that are saved and if they are started. It's also possible to start/stop them as well as write the logged data to file.

cfclient log blocks

  1. Fields
    • ID: Block id in Crazyflie
    • Name: Block name in client
    • Period: The period of which the data is sent back to the client
    • Start: Marked if started, click to start/stop block. Note that some of the blocks are used for the user interface, so if they are stopped the user interface will stop updating
    • Write to <file:> Marked if writing to file, clock to start/stop writing. The data will be written in the configuration folder for the client (see <here> how to find it).
    • Contents: The variables contained in the block (named by group.name)
  2. Information for log configurations are folded by group by default, opening them up will show in detail what variables are in the group

The data written to file will be in the configuration folder under logdata. Each directory is timestamped after when the client was started and each file timestamped after when the writing to file was started (i.e starting/stopping and starting/stopping again will yield two files in the same directory). The data logged to the file is in CSV format with the headers for the data at the top. A timestamp is automatically added for each entry and shows the number of milliseconds passed since the Crazyflie started (sent together with the log data).

Example data of what's logged when logging the battery level: