Out of tree build

It is possible to have an out-of-tree build of parts of the crazyflie firmware. This enables developers to work on elements without worrrying about merging it with the full code base.

App layer.

Technically the app layer is an example of an out of tree build. Follow the app layer intructions for this.

OOT extimators

In a seperate folder make a Makefile which contain the following content:


VPATH += src/
PROJ_OBJ += estimator_out_of_tree.o

include $(CRAZYFLIE_BASE)/Makefile

in [your_estimator_out_of_tree].c in the src folder you will just need to make sure that the following functions are filled:

  • init = estimatorOutOfTreeInit
  • test = estimatorOutOfTreeTest
  • update = estimatorOutOfTree
  • name = "OOT

OOT Controllers

Not yet implemented. Please request this feature in the crazyflie-firmware issue list