LPP Short packets protocol

The LPP short packets are management packets, short enough to be sent using a single Crazyflie CRTP packet. This means that the payload part of an LPP packet should be smaller than 28 Bytes. This also makes these packets well suited to be transferred as extra data appended to a ranging packet (this is for example used for the anchor position packet).

LPP Short packet format:

byte value note
0 0xF0 LPP short
1 LPPS_ID LPP Short Packet ID
2..17 Payload Format is defined per ID

LPP Short packet IDs:

LPPS_ID Description
0x01 Anchor position

0x01: Anchor position


struct lppShortAnchorPosition_t {
  float x;
  float y;
  float z;
} __attribute__((packed));

When sent using unicast to an anchor, the anchor will save the (x,y,z) position as its new position.

When appended to a ranging message, the tag uses the (x,y,z) position as the anchor position.