Start of fault detection master thesis

Hi everyone!

Starting today, I, Björn, have started my master thesis here at Bitcraze. My thesis topic will revolve around fault detection of erroneous states as well as appropiate system responses whenever a fault has been detected. So far, since it’s my first day, I’ve only familiarized myself with the Crazyflie system and gotten to know the lovely people at Bitcraze.

Starting off with fault detection, my initial approach will be to design several observers, each dedicated to a specific sensor, from this, a faulty sensor reading can hopefully be detected by comparing the expected value with the measured one (i.e residual) when combined with an appropriate filter and/or statistical test.

If the result are promising, the suggested strategy could improve the safety of crazyflie, protecting both its surrounding environment, aswell as itself.

Looking forward, I’m excited to get this thesis going and hope to find some interesting results to share with you all.


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