Progress on Local positioning

A we wrote before, we are working on a Ultra-Wide-Band-based local positioning system for the Crazyflie. We are doing slow progress but progress anyway and we wanted to do a small update on it. We are at our second revision on the anchors, they are now based on an STM32F072 CPU which has the advantage […]

Server down time

On Thursday 2015-11-12 our web-servers were down for a few hours. Some unexpected updates in our hosing service made our storage solution stop. Unfortunately we had to restore our data from the latest backups to get the system back up and therefore lost all “new” data between 2:00 and 16:00 CET 2015-11-12. The services that were affected are […]

Moved to The Ground

The last week has been really busy here at Bitcraze. We are working on regular bugfixes, support and new Decks to be release as soon as possible. But at the same time, we have moved our office in a new building (still in Malmö, Sweden) which is a lot of work, even more for us […]

SeeedStudio visit at Bitcraze

Seeedstudio is our manufacturer and our main distributor. Last week Mandy from Seeedstudio came and visited us after being at Maker faire Rome. She did a very interesting talk at Minc, our incubator, about manufacturing in China and how Seeedstudio helps with agile manufacturing. The interest was high here in Malmo, it is not often someone […]

Crazyflie and Lua

Last week I was at Lua Workshop 2015 in Stockholm, it was a very interesting conference with lots of interesting people. I also had the opportunity to see the office of King, the host for the workshop, and it gives a lot of idea for fun stuff and toys we could have in our office On […]

Local positioning system measurements

Last Thursday we went to LTH (University of Lund), to the Robotics department, to make some measurements on the ultra wide band (UWB) positioning system we are working on. The idea was to use one of their robots to move a Crazyflie around along well known path, and at the same time record as much sensor data […]

Two Maker Faires

Marcus and Arnaud have packed up and left the Berlin Maker Faire after two hectic days. and last weekend Tobias and I were at Maker Fair New York. It’s a lot of fun showing the Crazyflie, meeting people and getting feedback from the community! This time we had created a demo where we used a webcam […]

Maker faires, conference and first Bitcraze meetup in Berlin

This year we decided to save some time and split up for the last two Maker Faires. So last weekend Tobias and Christopher went to the Maker Faire in New York. They had a great but hectic time. More about it in a next post. Meanwhile me and Marcus are going to Maker Faire Berlin next week end, […]

Getting ready for Maker Faire New York

Last week and this week is busy with preparations for the New York and Berlin maker faires. Since we will be in the Seeedstudio booth we don’t have the same space as at the Bay Area Maker Faire, so we had to rebuild our “fly-cage”. The new specs are 1.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 meters. This […]

Firmware and dwm1000 nodes

DWM1000 nodes Last hacking-Friday we have had some time to put together the DWM1000 boards we ordered during the summer. The DWM1000 from Decawave is an ultra-wide-band ieee802.15.4 radio transceiver that can very precisely timestamp packets arrival and departure. More simply it means that it is a standard and it can be used to implement a […]

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