Brushless driver for the Crazyflie

A while ago I started working on a brushless motor control driver for the Crazyflie. I implemented most of it but did not really have time to test it. Recently we have gotten some request and questions about it so we took some time to do some further testing. Implementing a brushless motor control driver […]

Holiday contest results

We hope everyone had a great holiday! We are really happy that some of you decided to join our holiday challenge. After looking though all of the submissions we finally decided on a result. First of all there was the mechanical challenge of creating a hull or cover for the Crazyflie. When finding the winner […]

Bored during the holidays? We have the solution!

With roughly one week to go until the holidays most people are still stressing about getting presents, food and trees. We have done our best to get into the holiday spirit, but December isn’t well known in the south of Sweden for delivering a white Christmas. So with no snow and +7ÂșC outside it’s a […]

Finally a 3D printer!

We have been in need of a 3D printer for a while now, in order to print parts designed by community members and also prototype new parts. After talking about it for ages we finally got around to buying an Ultimaker. For now we have mostly been playing around (printing various things found online) but […]

Motor mount improvement

Thanks to some of the motor mount feedback we have now managed to improve the motor mount a bit. It now has a longer extruded cylinder and a larger stop to prevent the motor form popping out when landing hard. This should add a bit more protection but it is still a good idea to […]

One week of flying

After one week of flying the new copters we have to say that they are preforming very well. We’ve done a lot of crashes but only had one incident with a bent axis on one of the motors which we fixed by replacing the motor. We have noticed that using some radio channels in combination […]

Pre-series tested

On Wednesday we assembled and tested all of the kits in the pre-series. We ran though the production tests, that will be used once the kits are produced, as verification. Since we can’t test that they really can fly the test isn’t covering everything but it checks most of the components. One of the units […]

Protective frame prototype

While we are waiting for the pre-series to arrive, which hopefully will be within 4-5 weeks, we have tested this idea we have had for a while. On the Crazyflie PCB we placed mounting holes in each corner for the possibility to add e.g. a landing gear, canopy or maybe a protective frame. The holes […]


One of the goals during this project has been to only use open-source tools for development. The main incentive for this is that we want everyone to be able to take part in the development and look at the all the parts of it once it has has been released. Also it was a great […]

Board outline

The coming week we are reviewing the new revision of the hardware before we press the order button. With the previous prototype we had a few violent incidents where one of the arms broke off. Fixing it wasn’t to hard. We used an aluminium tube we cut to the right size and glued over the […]

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