Only weeks left

Who knew that it was possible to discuss product descriptions for almost a whole evening… Since the release is getting really close now we actually have finalize the product description and it turns out that we didn’t all agree on everything. One thing that’s good about being three people in this project is that we can have a lot of discussions that gives (hopefully) good results and the bad thing is that there’s a lot of discussions which takes a lot of time :-)

Another night without any flying at all, just administrative stuff… But if everything is goes according to plan the pre-order should start within the two next weeks!

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9 Responses to “Only weeks left”

  1. sebiss says:


  2. FooPixel says:


  3. Simon says:

    Woo! Getting Exited :)

  4. Seth says:

    I am fan of this project ever since I saw it on hackaday. I am really looking forward. I am not sure but have you said approx price yet? I just hope this will not be like “little printer” project that everyone wanted, but they gave it pricetag with $260.

    • tobias says:

      The prices will be revealed very soon together with parts included etc. Please bare with us.

  5. Hoel says:

    I look forward, good luck for the launch !

  6. Keith Miller says:

    hey guys, have you seen this?

    it looks like a crazyfie!

    • tobias says:

      Yes we have seen it and yes it looks a lot like the Crazyfie. That must mean we have done something right :-). I have a hard time believing what they write though. To me it sounds more like they want attention. Anyway it will be interesting to follow them.

  7. Looking forward to being able to buy a bunch.

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