Presentations this fall

It’s always fun get a change to meet fellow geeks/makers so during this fall we will be holding two presentations, first in Denmark and then in Belgium. They will be held at CIID in Copenhagen in October and at Devoxx in Antwerp in November. If you are close by then make sure to come by and say hello!

Here are the details:

If you don’t have the possibility to attend any of these and still want to hear us speak, have a look at our presentation at Oredev we did last fall or at the video from Devoxx after the conference. If you watch our old presentation, then pay attention at around 42:00 when Arnaud flies a Crazyflie into my forehead… It was just a matter of time before it happened :-)

If you have any suggestions on conferences/events were you would like to see the Crazyflie then leave a comment below.


One comment on “Presentations this fall

  • You should consider coming to FOSDEM 2014 (Feb 1 & 2) in Brussels, Belgium. (
    It would be the ideal place to give a presentation about an open source hardware project like the Crazyflie, have a little stand and organize a gathering for both Crazyflie devs and pilots. :)

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