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Last week we had some great contributions at our platform page that you really should check out.

The first project is made by our good friend Fred that created a tutorial about how to do a FPV setup inspired by this video from LaDroneShop.


The second really cool project was made by Jim that have experimented with making “long exposure light paintings” using Crazyflie 2.0 and the LED-ring deck.


We are always very excited to see how people are using our Crazyflie, what is especially inspiring for us is to see that the diversity between the different usage areas is so great.

Finally please don’t hesitate to share you projects with us, we are more than happy to post them on our blog or promote them on our page.

4 comments on “New projects on

  • Hello,
    Got a FPV kit for Crazyflie at LaDroneShop, and allegedly emits up to 100mW.
    Works great, very nice to hear about other projects!

    • For example I have one project of thrust vectoring on a quadcopter, with 16 “smart” servos, I think this architecture is promising :
      I have multiple options as hardware platform :
      – “Bare metal” with STM Nucleo and free STM’s IDE MBed-Cube
      – Middleware (Cleanflight-like) with existing STM32F3 race flight controller
      – RTOS and APM from Dronecode, with Raspberry Pi and shields (PXFMini)
      – Last but not least Crazyflie, expansion boards and its early release big quad deck!

      • Do you need 16 PWM outputs for the servos as well as PWM outputs for motor controller? I’m not sure any of the suggested platforms can do that. You then probably have to build a PWM extender. The deck (expansion) port is a good way to do that ;-).

        • No I just need one UART port to connect to a servo controller (OpenCM 9 04), much easier :)

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