The Bitcraze E-shop is now official!


Seeedstudio has been our main distributor and manufacturer since we started and they have also acted as our main sales channel. A couple of years ago we started to discuss setting up our own E-shop and finally last year we decided to try our own wings. We wanted to start small and treated the E-shop as an experiment, since we are newbies at e-commerce and are learning as we are going. The E-shop has been up and running for almost 10 month now without really being official, but now we have decided to go all in!

We have definitely experienced different ups and downs this last 10 months but overall it has been a positive experience. Handling the logistics and balancing stock between different warehouses have been a challenge but in return we can now communicate with and support our customers in a better way. We have been able to release hardware early to our community through our Early access program, which has been very exciting and also given us a lot of useful feedback. We have also been able to continuously improve the overall user experience by for instance creating bundles and better information architecture. 

Check our store out at and let us know what you think! We are always trying to improve and all feedback is welcome.

Remember we still have all our great local distributors, if you prefer to buy locally please check out our distributor list.  

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