Catching up after vacations

At Bitcraze, the team is starting to return from vacations even if it will take some weeks still until we are full force again. Work will pick up pace more and more from now, so if we have been slow to answering any issue, pull-request or forum post we ask you to have patience, we will get to you!


Last week we managed to land more improvements to our documentation, by adding poplinks to all references to expansion decks on our website. Poplinks is our name for links that when clicked will popup a box with links to information about the thing you clicked.

Example poplink from the Positioning Systems Overview page

Our aim is to add more poplinks, in areas where they make sense.

Lighthouse decks soon back in stock

We are working hard on completing the next batch of Lighthouse decks and expect them to be back in stock shortly, keep an eye on our store!

BAM days

The planning for the Bitcraze Awesome Meetup days (19th to the 21th of October 2021) is ongoing and we have decided on a online platform to use: Welkom ! This platform comes from the Netherlands and offers some cool functionalities, especially for social gatherings, that we can’t wait for you to see.

We have begun to shape up a nice program to fill these 3 days with talks, demos, workshops and fun things, so don’t forget to fill in the interest form if you want to be a part of it:

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