Hello World Example

This simple example will show how to make an app for the GAP88 chip, which sends a string that is printed out on the console on the CFclient through the CPX framework.

Make sure you have completed the Getting started with the AI deck tutorial first

First build the hello world example:

$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}:/module aideck-with-autotiler tools/build/make-example examples/other/hello_world_gap8 image

Then flash the example on the AIdeck

$ python -m cfloader flash examples/other/hello_world_gap8/BUILD/GAP8_V2/GCC_RISCV_FREERTOS/target.board.devices.flash.img deck-bcAI:gap8-fw -w radio://0/80/2M

Note: Replace the ‘radio://0/80/2M’ with your crazyflie’s URI

Connect to the Crazyflie with the CFclient and open up the console tab. You should see the following output:

CPX: GAP8: Hello world
CPX: GAP8: Hello world