With docker and the toolbelt

For information and installation of the toolbelt.

  • Check to see if you pass tests: tb test
  • Check to see if you pass style guidelines: tb verify

Note: Docker and the toolbelt is an optional way of running tests and reduces the work needed to maintain your python environment.

Native python on Linux, OSX, Windows

Tox is used for native testing: pip install tox

  • If test fails after installing tox with pip install tox, installing with sudo apt-get install toxresult a successful test run

  • Test package in python3.4 TOXENV=py34 tox
  • Test package in python3.6 TOXENV=py36 tox

Note: You must have the specific python versions on your machine or tests will fail. (ie. without specifying the TOXENV, tox runs tests for python 3.3, 3.4 and would require all python versions to be installed on the machine.)