Welcome to Bitcraze.se

Welcome to our new website Bitcraze.se! This bog/website is the home of the Crazyflie quadcopter and other projects we could come up with. News, progress, design and random thoughts about the project will be posted here. Out goal is to post some update at least every second week. More information about the project are still avaliable on the daedalus projects blog.

Why Bitcraze and not Daedalus Projects?

Originally the Daedalus projects blog/website was created to showcase the competence development projects that was done by the employees at Epsilon Embedded Systems in their free time. This is were the Crazyflie project first started. Last year we finally decided to send to a video of the Crazyflie to Hackaday.com and that’s when things really took off. More development was done and we decided to make a Crazyflie kit that could be manufactured and sold as an open source development platform. To finance development and manufacturing of the kit we created Bitcraze AB. At this point we felt that the project had outgrown the Daedalus Projects and decided to launch Bitcraze.se. The Daedalus projects website will still be up and active but news and progress for the Crazyflie will be posted on Bitcraze.se instead.

5 comments on “Welcome to Bitcraze.se

  • Amazing! I started thinking about a pcb quadcopter project for fun this weekend and was amazed to see that someone has not only started, but is far along in the process. Good luck and keep posting! I’m hoping you decide to keep it all opensource, I’d love to purchase a kit and hack/mod the design when/if it’s available!

  • Horizon Hobby MQX quadcopter sold out due to how much fun and what it does yours seems great to fly @ $ your group could retire if you sold this to 60 year kids like me.

    • Well the MQX seems pretty fun! However the crazyflie has an edge in “aggressiveness” ;-)
      We have way to little time flying our crazyflie, we are just developing/emailing/thinking… I think we should take a break tomorrow and just fly :-)

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