Poster used at techfest

We upload there the posters used at Techfest. They describe the basic components of the new crazyflie version. A video will follow.

We would like to thanks everyone that came to see us at Techfest-2012 for there enthusiasm for our project. That’s was a a really awesome experience and gives us a lot of energy to continue!


13 comments on “Poster used at techfest

  • could you advice me where from where can i get the circuit or the kit

    kindly pl reply on my id

    • @soham: The kit is not avaliable yet, we are working on it. We hope to have it ready for release within the first half of 2012.

  • previously we have tried large model of flying-bot but this one is very small will u send me the detail(ckt,component list).. plz :)

  • I notice that there’s a “programming and expansion connector”, which I assume implies that you are thinking that a daughter-board could be added which would add more, well, stuff, in-flight. Any idea how much weight could be added this way and still have the wee beastie able to take off?

    • Yes the expansion connector is there to carry a daughter-board. In its current configuration the copter can take about 4g without loosing much flight time but at 10g the flight time and flight ability is greatly reduced. Anything over that and the motors, props and battery needs to be switched to a bigger size.

    • Due to the re-design with digital sensors everything has been delayed and for how long we do not yet know yet. A guess would be that it will be ready in september. The price we do not know either yet but our guess here is 100-200USD.

  • Hello !

    First of all, congrats on building this marvel!

    I come with a background in making ultra small Infrared RC airplanes.
    I was wondering what was the reasoning behind making this micro flier RF? Wouldn’t going IR simplify a lot of things building this flier?

    Since this flier is so small I doubt it will be taken outside, it seems to make sense to use infrared communication for simplicity if it flies indoors only…

    Also if you need to get more traction/attention, I suggest you post in Indoor and Micro models on

    Are there any plans on sharing schematics for the flier? I’d like to convert this to IR, I will eventually build one myself if I don’t find more details.

    Thank you

    • At the beginning we made the crazyflie to learn new technology and RF was one of them. IR would have worked as well and would probably have been cheaper but it lacks the range and bandwidth. Getting system live logging is important for tuning and debugging. Also it works pretty well to fly outside as long as it is pretty calm and IR wouldn’t work there.

      We are very aware of but for now we don’t have enough time to be in several places.

      Yes, we will release schematics and source code as open source but not until the kit is ready. There are to many “cloners” out there…

  • For Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter is possible to connect a camera with technology Person Fist Video (FPV) , by which I mean a transmitter and receiver video system that will allow me to see video or images in real time.

  • I liked that I detailing the main differences among them the Crazyflie 1.0 and 2.0. I would like to buy it, but the portal ( deal extreame ) where I can buy just have the version 1.0. I would like to buy the version with crazyradio and the ability to add in the future mini camera. thank you very much
    I hope comments
    Roberto de Jujuy Argentina

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