Flight training

We realized the other day that we have spent a lot of time discussing issues and developing stuff and not so much actual flying. We haven’t even left the rockie piloting stage… So when we met up on Sunday we spent a lot of time just flying around and having some fun :)

Here’s a first cut from some of the video we shot.

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  • Hi, I asked this before but did not get an answer. If I want to control multiple robots from a single computer under program control, does each robot need its own USB dongle or is there a way to share a communication channel? Additionally will there be a possibility to connect I2C devices onboard ?


    Peter van Lith

  • I am looking forward to the release. My lab is considering buying several of these for formation control.

  • I’m working on a similar project in my free time, and think yours is just plain awesome. Quick question though, how did you decide on what motors to use? And what motors are you using specifically? Thanks!

    • Cool and good luck with you project! We use coreless brushed motors 6x15mm. We have tested motors from plenty of manufacturers, mainly Chinese. You will have to buy 5000 – 10000 to buy them there though, but very likely you will be able to buy a repair kit for the Crazyflie from Seeedstudio with motors and propellers. There is also an option to take the motors from e.g. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=10000 if you want them now.

  • Do you already have a release date? What is your asking price going to be? Awesome project!!! Will buy several!!!

    • Glad you like it!

      Since this is a project that we are doing during our free time we don’t want to promise any release date but we are aiming for the first part of 2012. As for the price we haven’t decided, but it will be around 100-200 USD.

      • I appreciate all your hard work, but try not to make it too expensive as I really want one :) I can imagine the price of them will fall fairly quickly as I think they will be in high demand.

  • Well there is no currently tested solution to that but there is a possibility to attach (little hack-ish) the radio dongle to the RF-module port of a transmitter to read the PPM sum signal. Some SW needs to be developed for that though.

    Another possilility is to attach a very light weight (less then 4g) spektrum compatible receiver with a PPM sum output to the crazyflies expansion port. This will also need some SW modifications though. This is where we hope the community will help out as soon as everything is released.

  • Thanks for the reply, what transmitter and frequency type are you currently using? I want one, even if I have to buy another transmitter … just for this palm quad !!!!!!!

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