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We wish we had something interesting to write about, but recently we have just been cleaning up and reorganizing the Crazyflie firmware. We are doing this so it would be simpler to further develop the software when it is released. We have also been preparing the new drivers for the digital sensors so they will be ready when the next version of prototypes arrives within the next two weeks.

One funny thing we have though is this little teaser video we put together while testing the speed of the Crazyflie. It is not recommended crashing into something hard at this speed 8O

8 comments on “Teaser video

  • Looks amazing guys! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the final product…

  • The more I see this, the more I love it. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait till this kit becomes available. I guarantee you I’ll be one of the many buyers.

  • I wonder if it would make sense for you guys to have an official pre-order list for getting some money back right now. – This would reduce the risk for you guys to order too less or too much kits in your startup phase. I mean finicialy speaking you would have to advance money on loan of lets say 100 units * 150$ = 15.000$ ..Don’t know how hight your budget is, though. :)

    • Thanks for caring! As you have pointed out there is a bit of investment to build the HW and the some of the components have large MOQ (minimum order quantity) which is a big initial cost. Seeedstudio is going to help out with some of the initial costs which makes it a bit more bearable. If it is not enough some kind of pre-order might also be used. We will handle this when we get there :-)

  • I’m throwing money at the screen, but nothings happening! Very excited following this project and seeing all the hard work being put into it.

    • It is going to be. We are currently finalizing the copter and will to release it under an opensource license when we offer it for sell.

  • Maybe a crash-safe environment might help you guys prototype & code more and spend less time repairing. :) Maybe a few soft nets/foam/etc?

    Nice work, all ’round. Especially the open source part. Kudos.

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