Controlling the Crazyflie

We have noticed some confusion about how we control the Crazyflie after our RC controller post. So just to clarify we are using a Playstation 3 gamepad to control the Crazyflie from the PC, this is the best we have but any gamepad or joystick would do. However there are other options.

The Crazyflie will be controllable from the CrazyRadio USB dongle. The dongle has a number of interfaces that can be used: USB, SPI/UART and PPM. A custom made controller could be connected to the SPI/UART or a RC remote to the PPM interface. If the dongle is connected to the computer using USB it can be interfaced using our Python library. Currently we are using a QT application together with a gamepad controller to interface the Python library but it’s also possible to do other stuff like one of our dreams: using openCV to track the Crazyflie and control it autonomously from a PC and a couple of webcams :)

Also we are still porting the code and testing the new prototypes. So far we haven’t fond any more problems than the JTAG reset.

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  • Hi,
    You should check out my Bluetooth library for the PS3 Controller for Arduino:

    I think it would be nice to use another microcontroller for the remote, so you don’t need a PC to control it.
    If you are interrested, I will try to connect the dongle to an AVR via SPI/UART and write a program, so one can control it wirelessly with the PS3 controller using the USB Host Shield.

    You could even create a special PCB with a MAX3421E and the dongle circuitry sell it – then people only needed the PS3 controller.

    Best Regards
    Kristian Lauszus

    • Hi Kristian.

      Great work you have done with the bluetooth library!
      Making something similar to what you are describing is on our wish list but unfortunatly there is not enough time. We hope that people like you will be able to contribute with things like this, but to do that we need to get the Crazyflie kit out there, which is our main focus right now.

      By the way we wanted bluetooth in the beginning but it turned out to be to complex so we choose another path.

      • Hi,

        Okay I understand. Let me know if you need help with writing the program. If you are interrested I can do it for you – my only request is that I get a kit for free, so I have a model to work on :)

        Best Regards
        Kristian Lauszus

  • Hello

    Bluetooth as optional radiocontroller is great idea, because almost all phones have BT, and this is big step in mobility.

    • The problem with the bluetooth in the mobile devices is the range. However, it will be possible to hook up a bluetooth module to the expansion port and write some SW to it if one wants to try that out.

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