Not much this Monday

We don’t have that much new to write about this week. The software clean-up is slowly evolving and we have been working some more on the radio protocol and the ground station.

We hope that the new prototypes will be ready this week so maybe we could make a first flight with them in the beginning of next week :-)

A none return point has been passed as we have put in an order for a shit-load of motors. Now everything has to work out or we will be sitting with a hole bunch of motors and no money to do other fun stuff.


10 comments on “Not much this Monday

  • Best of luck! I have been following this project very closely and check every Monday for something new. Fingers crossed everything works, I’ll make sure I’m one of the first ones in line when this goes on sale!

    • Great to have support! It helps us stay up late at night trying to get it finished.

  • Hey, you guys did a great job. But the contolling method is limited on RC controller. Is wifi supported on your drone?

    • Thanks! The radio-dongle is actually mainly made for a PC but can be “hacked” to be used with an RC controller. We choose not to use wifi because of cost, power consumption and complexity.

      • Try Bluetooth 4 low power consumption as an alternative.

        Extra bonus: it will be (maybe) controllable with the iPhone 4S :)

  • Great to see this project evolve in serious business. I have been a great fan of the small Co-axial helicopters because these are fun and stable to fly. I’ve tryed some Collective pitch choppers as well, but found myself more rebuilding the damn things than flying!

    Hoping your Craziefly will be stable and easy to fly! Will the software support OSX? Hope so!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    • Hi, thanks for the support!

      The software is based python/pyQT/pygame so it should work on Mac as well.

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