Defect MPU6050

After investigating the problem with the MPU6050 from last week we found out that all our prototypes have defect MPU6050 sensors :-(. The bias offset values are way out of spec and several of the accelerometer axis is locked to their min or max value. The manufacturer must have dropped the hole batch in the floor or something because we would have expected at least one out of the six prototypes to have a working sensor. Without working sensors it is hard to make a maiden flight, which we are very eager to do. We will have to order new sensors and hopefully we can replace the new sensors without damaging them.

We also finished to patch all our test copters so that they will now be able to fly when we change the  sensor:


5 comments on “Defect MPU6050

  • Fint dere fant ut av det :) Har ventet spent på flere videoer!

    Tror dere at den er klar for produksjon iløpet av sommeren? Hvilket prisområde vil den ligge på? Er redd for å få bakoversveis når jeg får vite det. Snakker vi under 100 dollar?

    Lykke til videre fra Norge!

      • Much depends on the volume but our current forecast is 100-200USD. We hope we can keep the price down so that as many as possible can enjoy our gatget/toy/educational flying platform.

  • Isn’t the manufracturer responsible for sending six new, working prototypes to you as excange?

    • Yes they are but making six new will take to much time so they have sent us replacement MPU-6050’s. Hopefully we can replace them without breaking them. Our experience with the IDG500 was that they where very robust and could handle manual soldering and violent crashes. We are getting worried that the MPU-6050 isn’t as robust. One of the big benefits with our small quad is that it should be robust and handle crashes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it was just bad samples.

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