More testing

After the problem discovered last week we have patched a couple of copter and we are now getting values from the sensors. Our biggest problem for the moment is a huge offset that we get from the MPU-6050 (both from the accelerometer and the gyro). It’s not the self-test mode since we have tried enabling/disabling but we are still investigating…

Except for that the software is going forward both on the copter and for the PC GUI. We are implementing parameters and log systems that will greatly ease future development and debugging on the system: it will basically be possible to log and observe dynamically any internal variable and to set settings, like the regulation settings, in real time from the PC GUI.

2 comments on “More testing

  • hey, was working with a gyroscope very similar to the one in that package, and i had an apparent huge offset issue, and the solution ended up being something really dumb, i doubt it is your issue, but i have the 2 bytes from the 16 bit ADC read from the I2C bus just fine, but they ended up in the wrong order when they were reassembled on the microcontroller. stupid i know, but might be related, easy to make that dumb mistake.

  • Thanks for the tip and it would have been nice if it was an endian issue, but unfortunatly it is not. It is probably either a factory calibration error or a package stress problem. Other than the offset problem the sensors seem to work fine.
    This type of problem is not what we wanted right now…

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