Quick update

A couple of weeks ago we discovered that the sensors of our new prototype where not functioning. We have now received new MPU-6050 sensors from Seeedstudio that we are going to solder with hot-air during the week (photos of the soldering will be posted during later this week).

On the manufacturing side we received the motors we will use which brings us one step closer to making the Crazyflie available (as long as everything else is working :-))

On the software side we are working hard to clean up the copter firmware and PC client architecture. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to setup and fly but also to modify or tweak.


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  • I found out about this a week ago, and I keep checking the site every day to see if there is an update. Seeing the phrase “one step closer to making the Crazyflie available” makes me giddy beyond belief! Camera or not, I’m buying one of these, no doubts. The camera would be cool though, so I guess I can wait till it is perfected. I do have a question though: Were there plans for some sort of frame to cover the unit, or is it something the user would have to assemble?

    • Thanks for the feedback, encouraging words as yours that makes us stay up late at night to get it finished.
      We have not made any protective frame and it would be to costly for us to develop one with all the tools that are required. However we have put mounting holes in the corners of the PCB so you could build one out of e.g. piano-wire. Hopefully someone will come up with a good solution they can share.
      The camera addon was mainly a proof of concept and would have to be developed further. There are lightweight FPV systems that are commercially available that are very small en light that can be used.

      • I have absolutely no knowledge of FPV systems, but from my brief search, it can get expensive. Glad to hear I can go a bit custom with the frame, and if I come up with anything presentable I’ll try to show it off. I don’t know if you have already answered this, but is the crazyflie assembled in box, or is it more of a DIY work for some of it?

        • A complete micro FPV system would be above $100 but the prices are constantly dropping. Here’s an option http://www.fpvhobby.com/143-sub-nano-combo-set.html but you would need a receiver as well. We have not tried any FPV systems like this yet but will do as soon as we get some time to do it.

          The goal is to make both versions, one DIY and one more or less ready-to-fly. The first batch will be DIY though and one would have to attach and solder motors and solder battery so some soldering skills are required.

  • Very impressive work you are doing there!

    Do you already know what the prices and availability in European countries like Germany will look like? I`m eager to buy one or two of these bastards!

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